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Products - Raw Materials

Cattle Hides

Bradford Hide Company - Cattle Hides

U.K. hides are considered one of the best origins in the World for quality. Sourced from premier U.K. abattoirs we are handling in the region of 20,000 cattle hides every week though our network of factories. Our hides are weighed, graded, salted and packed according to the specific requirements of our customers.

These can be supplied either salted or wetblue according to the preference of the tanner. We are supplying in four main weight ranges:

Average 22 kilos salted (green weight 22/25.5 kilos)

Average 26 kilos salted (green weight 26/30.5 kilos)

Average 31 kilos salted (green weight 31/35.5 kilos)

Average 36 kilos salted (green weight 36/+ kilos)

Bradford Hide Company - Raw materials, ox/heifer skin

We supply both standard ox/heifer selections and also the same weights in the premium barley selection. We can also supply different average weights to suit specific requirements of our customers.

We are also able to cut and supply croupons, butts and bellies cut from whole hides being the only Company in the U.K. able to cut hides.

For information and enquiries relating to cattle hides and calfskins please submit your interest to Mr. John Woodward - email

Sheep and Lamb Skins

Handling approximately 50,000 sheep and lamb skins every week we are selecting for various end uses and we are able to supply tanners with skins ideally suited to their specific needs. Our skins are graded, cured, counted and packed ready for export.

Bradford Hide Company - Sheep and Lamb Skins

We have facilities to drumsalt skins should this method of preservation be preferred. This is especially beneficial for deep sea export through hot climates. We also have shearing machines allowing us to supply machine shorn lambskins. U.K. lambs can be selected for nappa, doubleface and decoration (rugs). They are a ideal weight for garment (clothing) leather of all types.

Our sheep are selected for garment (clothing), chamois and decoration (rugs).

For information and enquiries relating to sheep and lamb skins please submit your interest to Mr. David Hunter - email