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Bradford Hide Company - ISPM 15 heat treated pallets ISPM15 from Timcon

ISPM 15 Heat Treated Pallets (ISPM15)

Many countries around the World are signing up to an International Treaty (ISPM15) that makes it compulsory for all imports entering their country to contain heat treated wooden packaging. This list of countries grows every week and can be found on the Timcon website ( . The aim of this treaty is to eliminate the possibility of wood borne pests being transferred between countries.

Operating our own kiln on site we are able to supply certified heat treated pallets and packaging made from wood. We are also able to provide these facilities to those who require their own wood packaging heat treating.

Licensed and certified by The Forestry Commission of Great Britain and a member of the U.K. Wood Packaging Material Marking Programme (license number FC0699) we are able to offer our heat treatment services at very competitive prices. This is not our mainline business and therefore we are able to minimise our costs and pass these savings onto our customers.

For detailed information and competitive quotes please feel free to call either David Hunter or David Skelton on +44 (0)1274 394679. Alternatively you can email them at either of the following addresses: